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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Long Sleeve Tee to Stunning Cardigan

Target has some wonderful colors in their long sleeve t shirts right now, so I grabbed up a lime green in med. (my size) and a lime green and navy blue in xl. I purposely got the xl's because they have more fabric than a medium and I was using these as the embellishment fabric. ( I recommend getting them when they are on sale or clearance, otherwise it ends up being $30 for 3 of them, I paid $6 each on sale so it was $18- pretty cheap for my cardigan.

I wish I had done a tutorial :(

It is basically cutting the main shirt down the middle and in a curve around the bottom hem, then adding ruffles.

Very comfy!
(I notice that I failed to get the navy ruffle into the pic of the back. It shows in the pics of the front and goes all the way around the back.)
I love the lime and navy combination. (The white ruffled shirt is from J.Crew, I'm a huge fan but I try to limit myself to the tee's and tanks because the sweaters and are usually a little beyond my price range! -Not that they aren't worth it because they use such fine fabric.)
This was one of my start at 8:30pm and don't stop until I'm done at 1am:)
Hubby doesn't appreciate that part. I figure its worth it when I only have to spend $18 instead of $60+!

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  1. This is so perfect! Such a great job. I will have to try this :)

  2. LOVE it. I love ruffles...this is so pretty. I am super impressed! Thank you for linking up to tickled pink! I am a new follower and cannot wait to see all of your ideas!
    504 Main