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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Duck that Lays Concrete Eggs

Sooo-I'm just wonderin'-
 how many of you have tried turning your Etsy Listings into a fun story?

I decided it would be fun to try it out and see the reaction to it.
Will it be good or bad?

I know that most of you have seen my lovely concrete eggs, so these eggs are what I chose to do a story listing for.

(By the way, my little mini people are just tickled pink, I got them a duck and a few chicks.)
Anyhow, I decided to play around with my camera and the duck.
And let me tell you, that duck is so ugly that it is cute:)

Between the pics of the duck and the eggs I cooked up a fun little story.
I would LOVE for you to check it out over HERE and let me know what you think.
Should I keep it or switch back to the old listing?
COMMENTS pleeeaase :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

  We have a WINNER!
A big round of applause FOR:
           #13.Sharon at Elizabeth & Co.!

Sharon has won a $50 credit to the VintageSkye Etsy shop!

Thank you all for entering! I sincerely wish that I was able to give you all the prize!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little hands and Painted Easter Eggs

We spend so much time decorating our houses and creating new things that all look so lovely,
but what can be more precious than the simple little creations of our little ones?
With the wavy lines and mixed colors, they just make my heart skip a beat with their sweetness!

 Can you see the bunny egg on the left side of the picture above? Little Miss C did that one, she even painted little floppy bunny ears on the sides. (You can kinda see them in the pics) Oh, and that is her basket, I'm lovin her rainbow stripes on it.

Sweet little hands of a 5 year  old :) Just a paintin away :)

And then the 4 year old, she was quite creative with her stripes on the bottom of the basket!

Little Miss D again, VERY slowly but surely she gets her basket done.

Ahh! The simple joys of life!

Basket Insanity and Paste Wax

Ok, I know how you all love Miss Mustard Seed as much as I do!
I caught her post on using a paste wax for a finish and HAD to order some to try it.
(And believe me, try it I did! Again and again and again, I am currently into distressing everything and then finishing it with the lovely paste wax!)
If you don't believe me check out my pictures!

I went and cleaned all the baskets out of the thrift store, (sorry ladie in my town, I shouldn't have chosen Easter weekend to buy out all the baskets, but I'm telling you, this waxing bug has hit me hard!)

Sprayed them with primer,
(*just another little note to make you believe how insane I went on the baskets- all those baskets in the pictures above,that just have the primer on them are STILL not painted, the ones I have already painted are in the pics below :)

and then painted them with lovely colors.
After that was dry, I sanded the edges to make them worn.
Then I added a coat of clear paste wax. (Minwax)
After that I rubbed in a layer of the Fiddes and sons Rugger Brown Paste Wax.
It just adds that brown, used look to the sanded parts and makes them really pop.

This mirror was (and still is, underneath the lovely paint and distressing) a cheap plasticky brown looking thing, HUGE improvement!

Had to add a few Clay tags to dress them up!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Numbered Knobs

As requested by my lovely customers, I have changed the listings on my knobs. They are now listed as single knobs to make it easier to get the right number of knobs for your specific piece of furniture.

These numbered knobs have been been a hit over on etsy and I can't wait to get a dresser redone so that I can use some in my own home!

I have also been creating some new tags, that are now listed in my etsy shop Vintage Skye.
Enjoy the pics!

Cute little mini tags are a new size above:)

Some more mini tags above and below!