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Friday, May 27, 2011

Paste Wax links

I have been asked what paste wax I use so I figured I would do a little post to help you out.

I first found out about paste wax from Miss Mustard Seed, she has the loveliest blog!

I use a brown paste wax from Fiddes and Sons available here. I believe mine is the rugger brown.

I finish it off with a couple coats of clear Minwax paste wax. There are some higher qualities of clear wax available on the internet that are easier to work with but Minwax is convenient because I can just run to my local Lowes store to get it.

Miss Mustard Seed took the time to make a WONDERFUL video tutorial on how to use paste wax. I highly recommend watching it. This is how I learned to use it.

Hope this helps! Paste wax really takes distressed furniture to another level in my opinion!

I know you will also want to hop on over to see my lovely knobs on etsy if you haven't done that yet.
It is just amazing how popular they have become in the last few weeks. In my opinion (I guess I am a teeny bit biased) they just really complete the look of a dresser, nightstand, etc. AND they look awesome on distressed furniture!
These knobs have been mentioned by the lovely Stephanie at UnderTheTableandDreaming, Shaunna at Perfectly Imperfect and Marian at MissMustardSeed

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Paste wax finish and Vintage Inspired French Hotel Knobs

An actual piece of furniture all finished and ready to show off my fancy knobs!

This piece is EXTRA special because I only paid $15 for it!

Yes, the top was cracked!

But a little gorilla glue and some nails fixed it right up!

It started out as this- welll, I did start brushing primer on the side of it before I remembered to take the pic, but you get the idea!

Hmm, -the previous knobs had two screws- have to work some magic with wood putty, sander and a drill to make it ONE hole for these Lovely knobs!

 (These are my NEWEST knob design available in my etsy shop)

More primer

Some lovely blue paint with ivory details, a heavy hand with the sander and a coat of clear paste wax and dark paste wax and it is DONE!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A few pinterest pretties

I managed to grab a few seconds to admire pinterest- so much fun! -Had to share at least a few lovelies with you all!

BTW, I have been really erratic in my posting lately but I have been trying to get a bunch of projects done by the 21st of May. I'm really trying to get some good pics of them as I finish each so that I can do a tutorial style post on each of them just for you!

(Another little tidbit- I FINALLY, FINALLY found the pieces I have been looking for to finish up my mystery project. You can check out the original post here and hopefully I can get the fun reveal-slash-tutorial posted! Can't wait!)

Fabulous crisp, clean tiles!
Image from nestegg.typepad

Lovely little bit of relaxation heading my way?
Image from littlebluedeer

Stunning or what? I am lovin this vintage dress!
Image from tumblr

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Anthro Mirror

One of my previous posts had promised an Anthropologie Knock Off Distressed Mirror.


Here it is!

I had so much fun with this!

-AFTER the mirror finish was distressed!

I just used paint stripper and a scraper (outside of course)
to distress the back of the mirror.

The frame was a plasticky gold thingy that I primed and painted gray and finished with a whitewash that I wiped off of the raised edges.

Then came the fun part,

spray the back of the mirror with spray glue,

lay a pretty piece of floral fabric on it and smooth out bubbles,

Snap the mirror and the backing back onto the frame and


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