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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

175 sales and newest knobs

Well I have hit over 175 sales in my Etsy shop
 in just a few short months,
you gals (and guys) are awesome!!

It was a dream
that I TOTALLY did not expect
 to become a reality,
that my knobs
would catch on
as a new trend.

Well, they have,
 and I am thrilled that you all love them
as much as I do!

So for those of you
 who have not seen them,
I invite you over to my shop,
Vintage Skye on Etsy,
to check them out
 and see if they can make your heart
go pitter patter!

Here are some of my newest
knobs that were just

Carte Postale Knob

Vintage Sheep Knob

Faded Ironwork Knob

French Script Knob

Faded Grapevine Knob

Vintage Silhouette Knob

Script and Butterfly Knob

Faded Bicycle Knob

Delicate Pansy Knob


  1. Congratulations! I think you totally deserve it!

  2. WooHoo!! Happy Creating & Selling! Congratulations! Adore your shop!!

  3. absolutely gorgeous. You know i'm a fan. I got mine in the mail this coming soon...and let me say, I was SOOOO excited and i'm floored at how beautiful and intricate they each are!!! many congratulations on your deserved success!

  4. Good for you! Your work is amazing. Love your new knobs...especially the butterfly & script (naturally) and the faded ironwork. Gorgeous!