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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Love and a 30% off sale....

Now that we have FINALLY finished
our crazy, sudden move,
gotten settled in
 for the  most part ;)

I now have time to do a post
a sale!

This breathtaking view and sunshine is
just calling to me.
But before I give in to temptation....

and wander on outside-

I want to leave you with a
lovely sale!
Vintage Inspired Dotted Floral Custom Drawer Pull
And not just any sale :)
It's a 30% OFF
You read it right!
30% off

Handstamped Vintage Inspired Barnyard Chickens Metal Drawer Pull

As you all know a 30% off discount is RARE around here,
so head on over and take advantage
 cuz you only have 2 DAYS!
SALE ends at midnite
on Tuesday, May 15 2012.

Coupon code:

A big thank you to ALL
my customers!
VintageSkye has now hit
1,900 SALES!!

It is so exciting to see the growth
and hear the lovely comments from
you all!

We now have 150+ handstamped designs!

I just can't resist this bit of loveliness anymore!

So, off I go,

to soak up

a little sunshine and peace.

Gotta love
Montana Spring!

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