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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweet Sixteen cake

My wonderful, long, exhausting day has consisted of babysitting nieces and birthdays.

 Big girl birthdays, that is!

I'm a pro at the little kid birthdays but, help!
 Not-so-little-Miss A (My oldest) is turning Sweet Sixteen today! And while it is sooo easy to throw together a bright cake with buckets of sugary sweet frosting for a little girl, I somehow think that the big girl will not appreciate one. So I put on my very slow and wornout thinking cap, trying to figure out how to make a pretty and yummy cake without using sugary frosting.

Ta da!

This is the result:

2 large round white cakes and 1 small,

  a layer of frozen berries with a touch of sugar on them and some vanilla pudding between each layer,
(the berries will thaw as the cake sits in the fridge all day and allow the juice from the berries to soak into the cake-YUM!)

A beautiful white coating of whipped cream allover,

Some whipped cream flowers made with my cake decorating tips,

A few random sliced almonds for leaves,

a little bit of pearly sprinkles,
some lovely pink nonpareils for the middle of the flowers.

And the vote is in!:
The sweet sixteen year old says,

"You can make my wedding cake when I get married mom"

TEENAGE TRANSLATION: It's pretty and it tastes good!

I'll be taking that one as a compliment, though I was NOT trying to make a wedding cake :)  !
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  1. Very pretty and decadent with all that whipped cream!

  2. This is very pretty. I posted a cake on Blue Cricket as well.

  3. Love these pics + your blog. I'm a new follower, hope you're gonna follow back. All the best, talk soon

  4. I'm your newest follower! I love the cake, you're a master baker! She's lucky your daughter. Beautiful cake, it almost looks like for a bride!

    Come visit me and become a follow me too, I'll be thrilled!
    Happy Brithday sweet girl.

  5. So pretty! Almost too pretty to eat, but nah!

  6. Impressive! Your cake looks beautiful and sounds delicious. I'll bet everyone gobbled it up!