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Thursday, March 10, 2011

This Was A Thrift Store Find, No, Really, I'm Not Kidding!

I found this pitcher for 50 cents at the thrift store.

It works, it's fine-
but it doesn't go with my stuff.
The lines are just classic and it has this lovely little carving of some sprigs on each side.

It jumped right off the shelf and into my cart because it knew that it would be much loved at my house:)

That above, turned into this below, sigh,

So let me attempt to tell you my very unprofessional process.

First off, spray it with my bestie,
Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer
(and no I don't get paid to say that, I just really, really love this stuff, -like, almost as much as my family, JK!)
Anyway, it sticks to anything, glass included.

(Do not use for food or drink after this process, this primer and these paints and sealers are NOT food safe)
For decor only!

I then brushed on a coat of darker brown craft paint just like a 2 year old would.
(I really should let my kiddos help me out with this step, they would be thrilled!)

Then 2 coats of gray craft paint,
there will still be some brown showing through.

Now you will whitewash it with a 2 parts water and 1 part white craft paint mixture.
(Brush it on in little sections and wipe it off gently as you go to get the amount of whitewash you prefer)

After it all dried I took a slightly damp scrubby and scrubbed random spots all over so that just the primer shows in those spots.
(You might want to add a little more whitewash after this step, I did, because the brown shows through a little stronger than I liked after the scrubbing.)

I did put a coat of clear acrylic spray over it all to protect it but it left a bit  of a shine.
I'm thinking a VERY light rub with sandpaper might be just enough to take any shine off.

The very last step was the best of all!
Me, my camera, (I use a Canon EOS Rebel XT which I HEART!!)
the lovely reborn pitcher, some vintage book pages and my lovely button collection.
What a date!

I heart doing photo shoots!

Although I am NOT a professional,
I hope you pros will just humor me and let me pretend that I am, pretty please?

My #1 gives me odd looks when he sees me taking pics of what he considers junk that I haul home.
But he loves me so he lets me do it without too many comments :)
I won't even mention the looks I get when I start ripping out book pages and spreading buttons all over the counter to take more pictures of the finished project.

You see, he doesn't realize the value of editing and tweaking a picture until it looks like it came out of this perfect, lovely made up home.
He sees the reality of the book pages and buttons on the counter of the island beside our lovely little sink.
And he sees my kiddos holding up a white posterboard for the background so that our lovely stainless steel fridge doesn't show up in the pics.

He also sees the jars of paint and random paintbrushes and sealers sitting a foot away from the object being photographed.

But, I am thankful for the imperfectness because I know that it is what gives us our best memories and laughs!

Let's see that again,
The before:

and the LOVELY after:

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  1. FIFTY CENTS ?!! You made it even more lovely! Love that you put music sheets in there ... what beautiful buttons, too! *Becca*

  2. This is a great before and after and i LOVE your photos!!!!!

  3. Very creative job on the pitcher!

  4. You are very creative.. I would have never thought to do that. Love your buttons.

  5. I'm cracking up about getting the weird looks from your loved ones because my kiddos think I am nuts for doing things like putting something on the windowsill just so I can catch the right light! :-) Your photos looks totally "pro" to me and you should be very proud of them and for your amazing transformation of that pitcher. It is just lovely and we are so thrilled that you shared it with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  6. You stole my heart with this redo! It is perfection...I love the process and how you saved that pitcher. I think your photography ROCKS! Can you come take photos for me...i cannot seem to get it right. Your photos are pure eye candy!

  7. well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it looks great!
    so cute!
    lovely photos!
    take care,

  8. love your little photo shoot! Way to go with the pitcher too.

  9. gorgeous pitcher! way to turn a 50 cent find into a million dollar glad you linked it to fridays unfolded.


    stuff and nonsense

  10. I love it! The music sheets suit it perfectly. I think your photos are awesome. I take the worst pictures ever!

  11. Looks great. I would not have thought of painting it like you did. Great finished results and great photography!

  12. Great Job!!! I really really really love the finish product!

  13. Looks great. What a transformation!

  14. I love the look you gave your new pitcher. I love the distressed look. And your arrangement for the photo shoot is very pretty.

  15. Awesome makeover! What a great way to make it fit your style. I love the shot that was taken from above and has the paper rolls in focus! :) Visiting from TT&J!

  16. Very nice photography ;-) Thinking about trying your painting method! Thanks for sharing!


  17. Love everything about your post but MOST especially the're GREAT!

  18. Loved this post! Thanks for the how to on your chippy pitcher, and thanks for the beautiful pictures, and for your candidness about how you staged them. You are truly an artist.

  19. Oh that vase looks stunning now! And I must say I thought you were a professional photographer!!! The pictures look fantastic! and I love the rolled vintage book pages inside the vase! Great touch!

    I would love if you came over and linked this project to my weekly Round Tuit party at:
    Have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  20. The jug looks wonderful, amazing what some paint and imagination can do!

    Your photos also look wonderful, although you did you make me laugh with the comment about your kiddo holding up a poster board, I was just saying to hubby yesterday that I don't know how crafty bloggers keep their homes clean all the time in the photos!!

  21. Oh yes! So much better. Isn't it amazing what a little paint and a huge imagination can do?
    I'm loving those buttons:)

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  23. Yea, that would have totally jumped into my basket as well. I love how you redid this! Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Fantastic Friday. I hope that you will join us again this week.

  24. Wow, this is absolutely a gorgeous makeover!! So perfectly prim, in my opinion!!

    If you want to link it up to my perfectly prim link parties, please do so!! They run from Sundays through Wednesdays.


  25. Wow! 50 cents looks like a million dollars now.:) I just love great thrifty finds too. Like to invite you to drop by and link up to my blog bash K.I.S.S. the link is open til midnight tonight. I also host The Homespun Slate @ The Tattered Tag where you can link your awesome Etsy shop. :) Happy to be a new follower.

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  26. Love this idea! And your photos are awesome :-)

  27. it looks great. i love thrift store finds. thanks for sharing this at my party!

  28. That turned out fabulous..don't you just love thrift stores, and to find this piece for 50 cent thats fabulous in it self. Graet photos!!


  29. LOVE THIS! Come on ova' and link up to my Linky Party! xoxokara

    You are a Party PRO!!! Love it! Come share this AMAZING post with me!

  30. VERY creative and done well...your ambient lighting was beautiful..and I love the macro look you get..for the life of me, I can't seem to get that with my camera..even when I push that little flower looking thing on the side of the camera..and I am a retired professonal photog ! ..So you are WAY ahead of me.
    I started "back in the day" with FILM tho. and I COULD have done it with my film camera..but not my digital for some very odd reason...OPERATOR ERROR.
    I have joined your I am sure I will learn a thing or two about digital camera's from you.
    Thanks for the info on the re-purposed and
    re-done pitcher too.

    Many Hugs, Rose

  31. Great job- amazing photos! Thanks for linking up!

  32. what a deal!

    your pictures are incredible. i felt like i could reach out & touch the pitcher.

    beautiful work.

    thanks so much for linking up with the SPRING FLING!
    have a super weekend.


  33. this is so cute! awesome pitcher and I love how you staged it. isn't the Canon rebel so awesome??? thanks for linking this up with my Show and Share party. I featured your project, please come check it out and grab a bragging rights button.

  34. I am thrilled to be featuring your shop So happy you joined last weeks K.I.S.S. blog bash, your creativity is appreciated. Please remember tomorrow is another fun blog bash, drop by & share more inspiring ideas!

    Drop by The Tattered Tag
    this week.

  35. What a lovely thrifty find!

    I'm a new follower to your blog. :-)