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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vintage Fun!

I've been having computer trouble lately :( I have to refresh my IE 3 times before the page I'm trying to get to will open up. VERY frustrating. I think it may have caused me to link my projects to a few parties more than once. If I have done that to your linky party Pretty Please accept my apologies! I'm hoping that the slowness and not loading is from my phone company changing carriers so I am trying to be patient with them, BUT. I. REALLY. NEED. MY. INTERNET. TO. SPEED. UP! Sorry about the yelling! Maybe I will have a little more patience now :)
If I am slow replying to a comment or question it is not because I don't care, I am doing my best and hopefully I can get it all caught up.

Until then I thought I would show you a glimpse of the Vintage Goodies I will be listing on Etsy.

                                                                          ~TA DA!

I found some really great items and you lovely people have really scooped up the vintage items I listed before so hop on over here to check out the latest and greatest!

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