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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Slipcovers to dream of, this room is lovely!
Image from Apartment Therapy

This lovely floor is made out of old crates~ I'm head over heels!
Image from tumblr

Gotta love the baguette car!

I dream of a shower like this :)
Image from Pinterest

Might be copying this dresser.
Image from Pinterest

I can just see having one of these on a fence that faces a street. My kids would be peeking out all the time :)
Image from


  1. Love all these images. Especially the dresser. I'm a sucker for anything with a ton of drawers and cup pulls!

  2. LOL! The doggie window just make me laugh! Oh how my dog would love that window!

  3. I agree... the doggie window makes me laugh!
    I too LOVE that floor!!
    And that shower?!!? Something worth dreaming about!
    That baguette car could just stop at my front door! LOL