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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little hands and Painted Easter Eggs

We spend so much time decorating our houses and creating new things that all look so lovely,
but what can be more precious than the simple little creations of our little ones?
With the wavy lines and mixed colors, they just make my heart skip a beat with their sweetness!

 Can you see the bunny egg on the left side of the picture above? Little Miss C did that one, she even painted little floppy bunny ears on the sides. (You can kinda see them in the pics) Oh, and that is her basket, I'm lovin her rainbow stripes on it.

Sweet little hands of a 5 year  old :) Just a paintin away :)

And then the 4 year old, she was quite creative with her stripes on the bottom of the basket!

Little Miss D again, VERY slowly but surely she gets her basket done.

Ahh! The simple joys of life!


  1. These look so cute, I cherish some of the creations my boys make, have a lovely Easter.

  2. So precious! Happy Easter to your and your family! ~Lynne